At Appel Ford Inc. in Brenham, our logo is a red apple... but that's just a play on the name, right? Are new Ford vehicles built using fruit?

Actually, they are.

Starting over 15 years ago, Ford has been working diligently to develop new vehicle materials made out of plants, including soy-derived foams, natural rubber, straw-reinforced plastic, coconut-husk carpeting, and bioplastics made of tomato skins. No apples just yet, but Ford's list of renewable materials grows daily, so it may not be long before our namesake is utilized in Ford's "farm-to-car" movement.

Using agricultural byproducts not only helps reduce pollution and protect the environment, it gives farmers a new stream of revenue, and lowers manufacturing costs.

Quality-wise, you would never notice that plastic and synthetic parts are one-by-one being replaced by green materials. Visit our showroom for a test drive, and see if you can spot the rice hulls in a 2014 Ford F-150, or the wheat in a new Ford Flex.

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