The All-New Ford Mustang is Turning Heads

The pony-car war is a never-ending battle between the top American automakers, but Ford has done something incredible with the latest 2018 Mustang. The objectives were simple for the car engineering team: make a better race car with safety features and upgraded handling while outgunning the competition. It's safe to say that's exactly what Ford has done with the latest design.

The exterior is agelessly cool as always. Ford never ceases to impress with its fervor for iconic Mustang designs that stand the safety test as well. The latest Mustang has improved safety and handling, while also providing some wicked new upgrades, such as the Gatlin-gun V-8 exhaust.

Some of the additional features make the interior a technological dream, and there are also improvements to the engine, allowing it go faster than ever before. Want to test drive the latest Mustang? Head to Appel Ford Inc. located in Brenham to get into a new Mustang today.

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