Oil Viscosity Ratings Are Simple

As long as automobiles use engines, you can expect them to need motor oil. This important lubricant reduces friction and helps engines last through years of driving. Motor oil is sold by viscosity rating, and we want to help Brenham drivers understand that information.

Viscosity is simply how easily a liquid flows. When you drink tea, it acts like water. It flows quickly into your mouth when you tip your cup towards your lips. Now, imagine drinking honey from that same cup. You might have to wait a bit for that slow-moving liquid to reach your lips! This scenario demonstrates water's low viscosity and honey's higher viscosity.

Cold oil is thicker than hot oil, so oil viscosity ratings are displayed as a range. For example, in 10W-30, the cold-engine viscosity is to the left of the W, and the hot-engine viscosity follows. Driving breaks down oil's viscosity, so contact Appel Ford Inc. today to book your next oil change.
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