The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Van Fights Strong Winds

The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Van is a large and comfortable passenger and cargo vehicle. The 2019 Transit Passenger Van is by design large in size, and its generous interior expanses allow for the presence of many passengers or lots of luggage. While this great interior size is valuable to passengers and drivers, it also exposes the vehicle itself to the dangers of high crosswinds.

When traveling at highway speeds, large vehicles like the 2019 Transit Passenger Van can be vulnerable to the effects of high-speed crosswinds. During very strong wind events, such gusts can even force large vehicles completely off roadways with disastrous results. The 2019 Transit Passenger Van fights against this trend with the proprietary Ford Side Wind Stabilization system.

This system employs a series of sensors placed around the van that are capable of monitoring a number of stability metrics. If the force of wind gusts hitting the side of the van exceeds certain values, the Side Wind Stabilization system can kick in by activating the brakes on one end of the vehicle. This action serves to slow down and stabilize the entire vehicle, thus counteracting the effects of powerful crosswinds.



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