Make Rainy Days More Pleasant With the Ford Escape's Technology Features

No one likes getting caught outside in a rainstorm. You probably like it even less if you parked in a large parking lot and can't find your vehicle. With the popular crossover, the Ford Escape, you get features that can make stormy days and nights more bearable.

If you can't find your Escape, you can use the available FordPass Connect to locate it with your phone. You can even use the app to start and unlock your vehicle so that you don't have to fumble with keys and the car is toasty warm when you get inside. And if you have passengers that get bored with looking out the window at the rain, FordPass also comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect 10 devices.

And if you don't like fumbling with the windshield wipers, you'll appreciate the front rain-sensing windshield wipers. They turn on when moisture is present, then they turn off when there's no more rain to clear.



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