Ford Escape Capability Features

One of the most popular compact SUV's among consumers today is the Ford Escape. It offers a variety of features that simply can't be beat by the competition. That is why our team of compact SUV experts here at Appel Ford Inc. located right in Brenham are so excited to tell you all about the various capability features of the all-new 2019 model!

This SUV is capable of kicking out an impressive 245 horsepower easily making it one of the strongest compact SUV's on the road. Additionally, drivers will love the intelligent four-wheel drive system that is able to help you at a moment’s notice if you should be driving off road or suddenly encounter some bad weather. Finally, the trailer and towing packages adds the possibility of being able to haul up to 3,500 pounds. This will make trips to the lake with the boat or camping with an RV easier than ever before.



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