The Ford Focus has sat at the top in rankings as one of the most popular compact vehicles at Appel Ford Inc., and for good reason. It boasts a large grille in the front, keeping the engine at a comfortable running temperature when traveling long distances. For the interior, there are state-of-the-art navigational controls on a touchpad (in the later models), and plenty of room for all passengers to stay comfortable.

It has four doors and is a four-seater, with good space in the rear whenever luggage is planned on being stowed. The rear seats are foldable and provide additional space as needed. It's a fun car to drive, having a durable steering wheel with a solid grip. Move the seats as you wish, though movement never feels awkwardly tight around the leg area. On newer models, the headlights are adjustable with driver controls, adding an illuminated focus on areas that aren't directly in front of the vehicle.



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