The Ford Ranger has always been a very popular pickup truck as well as being one of the best-selling pickup trucks. Whether drivers are looking for good performance, nice appearance, fuel efficiency, safety or technology, the Ford Ranger always seems to come out on top. Just when you think the Ranger can’t get much better, Ford manages to add more. This is especially the case with the Ranger’s design features.

The Ford Ranger is offered in several trim level configurations, and each of these offers its own set of design features. The wheels of the Ranger may be silver-painted aluminum, black-painted aluminum or PDV chrome wheels. If you choose a Chrome package, you’ll have a sharp chrome finish on the tow hooks, bumpers, door handles, grille and tailgate handle. The Black package features black painted grille, mirror caps, fascia, running boards and sill plates. These are just a couple of the options available when you buy a Ford Ranger.


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