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Houston Rodeo Volunteers Can Save $1,000 Off a New Ford from Appel Ford


Hey, do you volunteer for rodeos around the Houston area? If so, we here at Appel Ford have some great news for you. Our dealership is proud to share how you can save up to $1,000 off purchasing a new Ford model vehicle. From January 4th, 2022, to April 4th, 2022, our dealership invites you to check our new inventory of Ford vehicle models.

We, as a dealership, understand the value of hard work, lending a helping hand when the time calls for it. Further, we are huge fans of the rodeo and know the amount of effort that…

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Ford Lease-End Options

Ford makes the leasing process a breeze. After your lease is finished, you have some decisions to make. We want you to make an informed decision you're comfortable with. Here's some information about what you can do when your lease is over.

With Ford's Red Carpet Lease, you have the option to either purchase the vehicle or return it. If you choose to buy it, we offer many financing options. You're also not responsible for any additional charges from wear or extra mileage. However, because we assess the car prior to the...

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Types of GAP Insurance

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance is a policy sold to you when you purchase a new car to help you retain the actual value of the car to the time of loss through accident or theft. GAP Insurance will pay you the difference between the money the insurance policy gives you and the money you used to purchase the car in the first place.

Finance GAP Insurance
If you borrow money to purchase the car, you might still owe more than you get from…
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Ford Named One of “Most Trusted,” by Reader’s Digest

People love Reader’s Digest for a reason: it’s chock full of great information, stories, jokes, and is a trusted, reliable source of information. That’s why winning a spot on the publication’s “Most Trusted American Brands,” list is such a big deal.



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