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As a comprehensive Ford dealership near Bryan, Appel Ford offers Ford-certified service and the ability to schedule service appointments online. Though, no matter brand and model, we service all vehicles with equal expertise.

Nothing is left to chance, with a robust menu of services and maintenance procedures designed to extend performance and safety. Then, you're essentially treating yourself to many more miles in a Ford Ranger well-maintained from season-to-season.

The Ease of Scheduling Service, Maintenance Online Near Brenham

You're looking for an oil change, and prefer to secure a date and time convenient. You don't want to wait. And you view making a service appointment online as an efficient use of your time between work and shuffling of family.

So, by accessing our online schedule-service portal, you've got command of the situation. Simply log into your established Appel Ford servicing account or sign-in with Google account credentials.

You may also simply enter make, year and model to access our schedule-service appointment calendar as a new, Appel Ford service customer.

Once in you'll be able to schedule the following, popular service and maintenance procedures, or anything else in need:

Oil Changes

Every few thousand miles, it's best to have your vehicle oil changed for fresh engine oil. This process ensures fresh oil is introduced for the lubrication of internal engine parts and components.

Without fresh oil and new filter, you might be initiating severe damage to an engine reliant upon lubricated parts working in concert under stressful conditions.

Tire Rotations

Best practice is timing tire rotations and servicing to oil changes. In this, each tire is rotated from well-to-well while inspected for anything amiss along treads and sidewalls. Proper inflation levels are also a concern of our factory-trained technicians when servicing your Ford Escape tire assortment.


It's often brake parts of rotors, pads and calipers experience exponential wear. So, if you hear certain sounds or a grinding sensation when applying the brakes of your Ford F-150, there's something to be inspected -- at least.

And the resulting fix isn't so expensive given likely service and parts specials surrounding this popular procedure. We're always fully stocked with Ford Parts and other OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components.

Battery Servicing

Most Ford systems draw power from the battery at any one time. From starting up in the morning near Navasota to coming home late at night led the way by headlamps, it's essential your battery is up to the task.

Battery testing employs specialized equipment to ascertain strength and capacity. Should a battery be deemed too worn for charging or continued service, we have a healthy supply of replacement batteries on hand.

Wheel Alignment

You've noticed something strange when driving at high speeds. It's as if your vehicle is veering to either side in a dangerous sort of way. Should this be prevalent, waste no time in scheduling service for wheel-alignment inspection and corrections to be made.

Using the most up-to-date equipment, corrections to wheel angle and tilt are easily handled while you wait. Then, the safer your drive past College Station.

HVAC Inspections, Repair

Your Ford Edge HVAC system is another confluence of parts and components -- these providing heat and air conditioning on-demand. Given the intricacy of this all-encompassing array of parts, our skilled technicians will test, analyze and diagnose any issue that's preventing comfort while driving.

Fluids Topped Off

Systems of steering, brakes and wipers require full levels of fluids for optimal performance. And we have a full supply of Ford Parts' wiper blades ready for installation.

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